3. Setup development environment with VagrantΒΆ

Vagrantfile is provided in project root directory. To setup the development environment, all you need is just to run

vagrant up --provider virtualbox

After vagrant succeeds to run the virtual machine, you will get a complete environment to develop Nitrate,

  • a Python virtual environment creatd at $HOME/nitrate-env/ with all necessary dependecies installed.

  • database is created in MariaDB and name is nitrate. It’s empty. Before hacking and running development server, remmeber to synchronize database from models.

    ./manage.py migrate
  • port forwarding. 8000 is mapped to 8087 in host.

  • source code is mounted at /code.

  • Run development server

    ./manage.py runserver

visit with your favourite web browser.

Happy hacking.